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Waiting for the local health folks to notify me of the results of my test for the Plague. Again. Third time I’ve done this. Annoying, but it could be worse.


Perhaps I’ve been on the Road too much of late

That thought occurred to me a few days ago when I stopped at a truck stop in Pratt, Kansas for a bathroom break only to find that someone was occupying my favorite stall in my favorite truck stop bathroom. I’m not sure what to do with the realization that I have a favorite truck stop […]

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OR: I would not currently be opposed to the entire Windows 10 development team dying slow, lingering, painful deaths while being restricted to internet access on a 14.4k modem   I am not a huge Microsoft fan. The corporate arrogance has annoyed me from the days when we upgraded from Windows 3.1.  I’ve always had […]

A few thoughts on Gun Control (Worth a Thousand Words edition)

from Freedom is Just Another Word via IMAO as is this one: You really ought to check out both sites.  I’m currently in the middle of reading back through the past few weeks on Freedom is Just Another Word.

An obvious lack of original thought

…on my part.  This stuff is clever, as usual. New Liberal Flag

Counter-intuitive, but true

Love Trumps Hate

Because this is something you might need to know

From xkcd

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A treatment for Depression and Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Mushrooms.  As in “Magic Mushrooms”.  As in hallucinogenic Mushrooms. Well, actually, psilocybin. About 80 percent of cancer patients showed clinically significant reductions in both psychological disorders, a response sustained some seven months after the single dose. Side effects were minimal. (‘both disorders’ being Depression and Anxiety – cziltang) As one might expect, researchers don’t really […]


Drinking Problem

Liberals have a drinking problem.

Rocket Knife

via LMAO A homemade small scale rocket sled with a knife attached, hurtling down a homemade track at 150 mph, into a variety of objects?  What’s not to like? 150 mph rocket knife 1000 degree red hot rocket knife I stuck a smoke bomb in the  tail of a model biplane one 4th of July […]

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