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PQRN and Torrents

SOPA. Crap. ‘Nuff said. Except it isn’t.  Massive outrage gets a temporary victory, but this will be back in another form as soon as the furor dies down a bit.  Meanwhile, Larry Correia has a great rant about SOPA and all the other stuff we’ve let happen.  Go read it.  It’s worth it to get […]

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Stuff to make you feel old

Like most of us need any help with that.  If you’re like me you get reminded every time you get out of bed.  Still, I guess I might as well add insult to injury, as it were. This little stroll down memory lane is a cold hard bucket of reality dumped over your head.  At […]

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No, I haven’t seen it.  But, as a public service, I thought I would post a link to a review by the Czar at the Gormogons.  This is the first movie review I’ve ever seen which discusses dogs, logical positivists, and Brownian motion. Strangely, it wasn’t much help in deciding whether or not to go […]

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An updated version of the ubiquitous “coexist” bumper sticker, along with a commentary on the common version.  Worth a look. (I’m especially partial to the use of the Mossberg logo for the “T”.)

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Hell’s Angels

A really cool series of pictures of Hell’s Angels taken (but not published) for Life Magazine in 1965. (via the Agitator)


And it only took 5 years

This video has been linked all over the right-of-center part of the blogosphere.  Basically, it is John Stewart’s Daily Show poking fun at the United Food and Commercial Workers Union in Las Vegas.  The UFCW is protesting against WalMart.  The UFCW claims that WalMart is bad because it isn’t unionized, pays “low” wages, their benefits […]

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Blame Game flow chart

You work for the Main Stream Media.  You are writing a story.  Your conclusion is (obviously, duh!) that Conservatives are at fault.  But how, exactly, are they at fault? Here is a handy MSM Blame Game flow chart to help you make your determination within an approved Liberal Orthodox framework.

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Quote of the day

From Fiona on Burn Notice: Well, in my experience, if something seems too good to be true, it’s best to shoot it, just in case.

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Fundamental Changes: the world will never be the same

In any life, there are events that change forever one’s perception of the world.  Some are collective events; the Moon landing and Watergate for folks of my generation or more recently 9/11.  Some are personal; a first kiss, meeting the love of your life, the birth of a child.  Unfortunately, at least in my experience, […]

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Saturday Night Snark

Some links for you. Vuvuzela fail. This really isn’t a rhetorical question. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words added are priceless.

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