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I just picked up a rather cool concealed carry holster.  Remora makes IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holsters that are not held in place by a clip.  The outside surface is “grippy” (sorry, I can’t think of a real word to describe it) but not sticky or tacky.  It’s held in place by the pressure […]

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Saturday Night clean up

Actually working for a living again has done a number on me.  Part of it is that my new boss and I have been out and about setting up equipment and retrieving equipment.  I’ve spent more time outdoors during the heat of the day in the last 72 hours than I have the entire rest […]

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People who are better at this than I am

Three posts I’ve been meaning to write about from guys who are more eloquent and coherent than I am: The ultimate “you didn’t build that” commentary from Iowahawk: Readings from the Book of Barack Borepatch has an explanation of why the “you didn’t build that” comment was not a “taken out of context” moment and […]

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I watched (part of) the national news this evening.  I almost never watch the national news.  It’s bad for my health and the continued viability of my TV as a functioning piece of electronics.  ABC (yeah, I know; compound error) was running their obligatory coverage about the Aurora shooting “suspect.”   They were talking about his […]

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Some people would define this as “irony”

I define it as “criminal.” Apparently the US Government required US Border Agent Brian Terry and his team to use beanbag rounds in the firefight against the criminals in which he was killed.1 The same sort of folks Eric Holder and the Justice Department “allegedly” armed with assault rifles as part of Operation Fast and […]

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Getting back in the habit

When my mother was in the first grade, she had to walk a couple of miles across a pasture to the one-room schoolhouse.  She walked most of the way on a cow path through the fields.  One day while walking home she was apparently not watching where she was walking and stepped on a bull […]

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Quote of the Day

Actually, it’s from several days ago.  The interesting thing about this QOTD, (and a source of pride for me) is that it came from my very own daughter, Rat Jr.: Saying guns kill people is like saying pencils misspell words.

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The plural of “anecdote”

There’s an absolutely stunning post at The Law Dog Files.  The post is a series of answers to “20 questions” from a gun control advocate (who is apparently a member of the Brady Campaign Board, although that information is not accessible on her web site).  If you are at all interested in your 2nd amendment […]

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There’s a house where a gun lives…

It’s from an old Jeff Foxworthy routine.  There’s no point, other than with gun ownership up, those folks who would rather we not have guns in our homes have got to be really disappointed to find that instead of precipitating wholesale slaughter, increased gun ownership has occurred at the same time violent crime has decreased. […]

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You’d better change them lightbulbs

Did you know the EPA has a Criminal Investigations Division?  Or that they are stocking up on Glock pistols? Now that they’ve declared themselves Lord and Master of everything that breathes,  I find the notion of armed EPA agents a bit disturbing.

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