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Auto complete

We’re studying search engines in one of my classes.  One of the exercises is to compare the “suggested search” features.  The text gave us several examples.  On a whim I used one of my own. Interesting.  If you buy into the “Google is politically biased” argument, it would appear that even they are having trouble […]

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Greetings from Jesus Land

The world according to San Francisco. (via GeekPress)


10440. True, but that’s your marketing pitch?

We’ve all seen those signs at the edge of town, “Population 6478”.  Sometimes you see something like “Population 4997 friendly people and 3 old grouches”.  Out in the western states you see “Elevation 6042 ft.” I’ve never seen one like this. (via the Agitator)

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What he said…

TJIC says “This is why we have science.” I agree.

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The Sunday Night Linkfest

First, a little inspired silliness from Dr. Boli: A letter to the Editor An advertisement for a unique literary service An advertisement for a unique martial arts dojo Second, I was apparently wrong last night about the Obama LSD being deliciously appropriate.  This is deliciously appropriate. Also at Moonbattery, an Economic Stimulus Flow Chart Say […]

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Someone has too much time on his or her hands

Not to mention fly guts. (via the Agitator)


Too weird

I don’t even know how to describe this.  The photo is labeled “jesus cat butt“, but I’m pretty sure it’s a dog. Remember that which is seen can’t be unseen.


Best Idea I’ve heard this month

I’ve said something similar in the past.  I just didn’t take it to its logical conclusion.  And I’m not funny.  (My apologies to Frank J. at IMAO for the substantial excerpt.  Frank, if you wrote crap filler around the good parts I wouldn’t excerpt the whole thing…) This whole Sanford mess reminds me of the […]

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The RPJD* bit the dust a few weeks ago, but stuff has been coming in from unexpected sources.  First it was Rat Jr.  Now it is my Mom. That was a close-up.  Here is a wider shot. And what, pray tell, is that,” you ask? Well, boys and girls, that is your very own, brand-spankin’, […]

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Friday Night Link dump

Taking a quick break from working on something for my boss’s boss.  I’m doing it at home, now, because someone else in another part of the organization didn’t follow through on something and left me holding the bag.  Well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.  I know it sounds sort of whiney, and I don’t […]

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