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{ Monthly Archives } June 2006

PREA, pt. 2

So.  Are you holding your breath?  No?  Good.  No apologies are forthcoming. It occurred to me today while I was at the conference that maybe I’m being overly harsh about this whole PREA thing.  Perhaps by some of my comments I may have given the impression that I think the whole thing is a stupid […]


If what our governments do didn’t have an effect on actual live people, most of it would be funnier than most comedians. A case in point is PREA (which comes to mind only because I have to go to a PREA seminar tomorrow). If you haven’t been following along in your program, PREA is the […]

Shock and Awe

Well, OK, there’s not really any shock involved… I live in a near constant state of awe of James Lileks.  Well, constant in the sense that it consumes my every waking hour except when I’m bothered by intrusions like my job, my family, the odd television program and contemplation of angst-producing metaphysical problems like “the […]


When I was nine, we lived in Manhattan, Kansas for the summer while my father took summer classes at Kansas State.  Living in the married students’ housing was different.  We spent a fair amount of time at the various parks around town.  My sister and I also spent a lot of time playing with a […]

A moment of silence, please

I’ve been downloading podcasts for a couple of months now.  I’m not as into it as I might be (for the same reason I can’t listen to talk radio) because I find it difficult to actually do anything remotely resembling work while listening to people trying to make an argument which has an actual point.  […]

It seems so reasonable when it is a cartoon

Take a look at this cartoon on net neutrality. Hmmm. Just seems so gosh-darned plausible, doesn’t it? Let’s just say I’m not quite convinced.

Back in the Saddle

The internet problem seems to be fixed.  We’ve had sporadic access for the last few days, with it finally coming to the point that we only had access before 6 AM and very, very late at night.  The Head Rat has been having problems with the upper channels on her TV upstairs.  I took a […]


Air conditioner is fixed.  Having problems with my ISP.  It may be a couple of days before I can get it worked out.


The Register has semi-regular articles about technology, gadgets and machines gone berserk.  This world-wide conspiracy by machines to take over the world is referred to as the Rise Of The Machines.  I mention this only because I, too, am a victim of this conspiracy, albeit not in so dramatic a fashion as this or this.  […]

Scenes from a Chinese Restaurant, part 2

Wong’s is a nice restaurant. We eat there a lot. It fits what we are looking for in a restaurant. Quiet. Relaxing. Comfortable. Not so small as to be crowded. Not so big as to be impersonal. Good food. Reasonable prices. The best eggrolls I’ve ever had. Did I mention quiet? Relaxing?

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