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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, June 2006

Scenes from a Chinese Restaurant, part 2

Wong’s is a nice restaurant. We eat there a lot. It fits what we are looking for in a restaurant. Quiet. Relaxing. Comfortable. Not so small as to be crowded. Not so big as to be impersonal. Good food. Reasonable prices. The best eggrolls I’ve ever had. Did I mention quiet? Relaxing?

Scenes from a Chinese Restaurant, part 1

As we were leaving the restaurant, the Head Rat and I walked by the table where the young couple and their two children were sitting.  The little boy was perhaps 4, the little girl was still a baby.  The little boy had kept us alert during our meal by running around the restaurant yelling and […]

Tornado Bait

As long as I’ve got the weather theme going tonight, I may as well give you a link to a story about FEMA’s new ‘Tornado Bait‘ program.

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