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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

More ISP problems

Still no viable internet connection.  Pages are taking minutes to load.  After suggesting a number of, in my opinion, implausible possible causes for my connection problem (including that the signal was too strong) the cable guy decided the problem is corrosion at the box outside the apartment.  Supposedly they will be out to fix it […]


I’ve written about the situation in Lebanon twice. You just can’t see either of the posts because they got lost in the netherworld of “timed out” between my computer and my web host. Since I appear to have a small window of opportunity here, I’m going to try again. Unfortunately, my notes are in my […]

Is that the Weatherman?

At some point during the summer here in Kansas, most of us just quit watching the weather on TV. There’s no point. The forecast is always the same: 100 degrees plus or minus 3 or 4 (usually plus), 20 mph wind from the southwest and a chance of rain sometime next week. Except that by […]

More with the ISP

I spent an hour on the phone tonight.  The cable company is about to lose a customer.  I’ve had limited connectivity for two days.  The company’s broadband home page takes 4-5 minutes to load and, in what strikes me as the supreme irony, the link to the network status page times out without opening.  The […]


I’ve been having ISP problems all day.  I’m in the middle of an involved post, but I’m not sure I can get it posted.  I’m not even sure this will post.  Maybe tomorrow.


(Yes, I’m killing time again.) In the event that the administration of (my facility) is incapacitated, pre-determined delegations of authority shall be in effect until such time as a member of the administration can resume duties or a replacement is designated by the Departmental Command Center.  These pre-determined delegations of authority are as follows: … […]

Strange Days

I’ve got a lot of stuff floating around in my head at the moment, and I’m not likely to get the time to sort it out in the near future.  I’ve got a big project going at work (more on that later) and there seems to be a continuing series of things popping up to […]

I don’t believe in Karma, but…

…apparently I have some issues. 108 degrees yesterday here in the Ratlands.  The compressor went out on my air conditioner at work.  Everyone else’s is still working fine.  I came home last night to find our air conditioner went out here at home as well.  Again.  I am not best pleased. I’ve heard folks yapping […]

Debit or Credit

I went to a liquor store yesterday.  (It’s not something I do often.  A couple of years ago I bought a six pack of beer at Christmastime and still had one bottle left for the 4th of July.  Someone once asked me if I had a drinking problem.  I told them that, indeed I do […]

We don’t mind the rain

Actually, we would really like some rain here in the Ratlands, what with it going to be in the low 100’s for the forseeable future, but that’s neither here nor there. I picked up Virtual Vices IV by Pete Namlook and Wolfram Spyra last week. We don’t mind the rain is a really nice tune […]

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