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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

A View of the current War in the Mideast from the inside

The current situation in Lebannon should be of concern to us all.  I thought about compiling a series of links to various sources of war coverage, but I figure if you’re interested in current events, you’ve probably already checked your regular news sources.  You would have certainly checked them before you came to a fourth-rate […]

Zidane Update

If, like me, you just can’t get enough of the video evidence of the infamous Zidane Head-butt, you might want to check out a compilation put together over at The Register.  Included are several different views of the act itself. (If, like me, you’ve thought the explanations by Materazzi and Zidane were really lame, it […]

Know Thyself

When I started blogging, I was in the midst of what has become a rather long and painful process of re-defining myself politically.  I reached a point where what I said I believed about the world around me and what I know, deep down, about the world around me were so different in non-trivial ways […]


Can’t sleep again tonight. I should probably call work and talk to the staff, but I probably won’t. The summer malaise grows. I don’t feel much like writing. I don’t have anything to say anyway. I should be in bed. Whine, whine, whine. For those of you dropping in from outside the US, I apologize. […]

Meltdown in Germany

I’ve watched over 75 hours of soccer during this year’s World Cup.  Some of it has been very good.  Some of it has been atrocious.  On the whole, I’ve rather enjoyed it. Until today. This was supposed to be one of those magical moments in sports.  The French star Zidane had announced that he is […]

Yesterday’s Music Quiz

The album was called Apostrophe.  The song was Cosmik Debris.  The artist was Frank Zappa.  Another memorable line from the song:  “But I’ve got a crystal ball…” I made Rat Jr. listen to part of the album with me last night.  (I try to expand her musical horizons whenever possible.)  Unfortunately, I forgot about the […]

It isn’t too late

The Dissident Frogman (source of the Denmark banner on the sidebar) hasn’t posted anything since March, so I had gotten out of the habit of checking his site.  I was quite pleased tonight to find that he had posted an Independence Day greeting in the form of several quotes from the founding fathers.  Go take […]

Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho…

I’ve been in my usual, annual summer malaise of late.  Even though I’ve been an adult longer than I was a child, I still can’t shake the feeling deep down that people aren’t supposed to work in the summer.  It probably has something to do with the fact that my parents were teachers and we […]

Decidedly not funny

I was just looking through my site statistics.  (Forgive me, but this is all new to me, and still a bit fascinating.)  According to my hosting company, there have been a couple of search engine requests for which my web site was listed as a possible result.  “Argentinian Nanny State” doesn’t bother me.   “Funny sexual […]

We may suck at soccer…

Part of the “disappearing post” was a link to this.  Probably the most politically incorrect, if often true, sentiment about the state of US Soccer I’ve come across so far.  And, no, I won’t apologize for my questionable sense of humor.

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