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{ Daily Archives } Monday, July 2006

Take a Moment, pt. 2

On a more serious note, today would be a good day to: Visit the Declaration of Independece Drop by the Smedley Log and wish Howard a belated happy birthday .

Take a Moment

Today would be a good day to take a moment to: Reflect on the nature of magic in the modern world Consider the positive benefits of a change in strategy for the high-visibility members of the anti-war movement Ponder the implications of bowling alone Ruminate on efforts to regulate water vapor as a greenhouse gas

The Lament of the (fill in the blank)

Russell Roberts at Cafe Hayek has come up with the ultimate utilitarian haiku for all left-of-center complaints. As he rightly notes: One of the virtues of this construction is its versatility. The first line could be any five syllable complaint: My knee is aching or Red Sox lose again or My basement’s leaking or Wish […]

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