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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, July 2006

Decidedly not funny

I was just looking through my site statistics.  (Forgive me, but this is all new to me, and still a bit fascinating.)  According to my hosting company, there have been a couple of search engine requests for which my web site was listed as a possible result.  “Argentinian Nanny State” doesn’t bother me.   “Funny sexual […]

We may suck at soccer…

Part of the “disappearing post” was a link to this.  Probably the most politically incorrect, if often true, sentiment about the state of US Soccer I’ve come across so far.  And, no, I won’t apologize for my questionable sense of humor.

Damn Strange

I just finished this brilliantly funny and insightful post about the nature of humor in the modern world and when I hit the “publish” button it disappeared.  Alas, the magic is gone.  I’ll never get it back.  And both of my regular readers will now be bereft of the one priceless nugget of wisdom I’ve […]

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