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{ Monthly Archives } August 2006

It’s Alive…

I have created a monster.  For reasons I can’t explain and don’t fully understand, the Head Rat decided she needs to have instant message conversations with her friend.  So, I set her up with an MSN IM account.  (I don’t have one.  I don’t like IM, and generally avoid MSN at all costs.  I have […]


Does this Scion say “quirky, fuel-efficient, cute, environmentally friendly vehicle to you? Or, does it say to you (like it does to me) “I can’t go fast enough to make aerodynamics an issue”? Anyway, is it just me or does it look to you like the guy that thought this up got his design inspiration […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Writing about economic topics is always a “can of worms” kind of enterprise.  Still, there are a couple of articles (here and here) at Cato@Liberty today that are worth a read, especially if you are convinced that the poor are getting poorer, the middle class is dying out and half the country is uninsured.  Make […]

Be careful what you wish for

This popped into my head yesterday.  I have no idea why.  Poetry isn’t really my thing. Please bring on the weirdMy life isn’t strange enoughNormal for two days I thought I would share, now that I’m up.  I guess I should probably think about going to work, but I’m still a bit groggy.  In 26 […]

#2 in the Ratlands ongoing series of techno-philosophical questions

Why are there braille markings on the buttons on the drive-up ATM at my bank?  The idea of braille marking on anything “drive-up’ is disconcerting to me.  However, I can understand that someone might drive a blind individual to the bank so they could use the ATM.  But having braille on the keypad would seem […]

The Doldrums

Even though there is no objective reason for it, I seem to have hit a period of stagnation.  Not only do I not have anything I want to write about, I don’t even want to think about thinking about writing.  I may just be tired.  It seems to have been a long summer at work.  […]

Egregious flaunting of causes

While, in theory, I have nothing against people visually identifying themselves as supporters of various causes, personally, I tend to stay away from “legible clothing”. T-shirts proclaiming affiliation with particular political causes and social initiatives strike me as just so much self-congratulatory posturing, the wearing of which is designed to say “see what a truly, […]

#1 in the Ratlands ongoing series of questions regarding linguistic anomalies

If the contraction for “is not” is “isn’t” andthe contraction for “are not” is “aren’twhy isn’t the contraction for “am not”“amn’t?”

Move Over Gabriel

Yesterday I missed the news that Maynard Ferguson died. Ferguson was easily my favorite jazz trumpet player. When I was in High School, we tried to play as much of his catalog as our band director could get sheet music. M.F. Horn (with Eli’s Comin’ and MacArthur Park) came out in 1970. Primal Scream (with […]

#1 in the Ratlands ongoing series of Helpful Happy Household Hints:

If, in the process of cleaning out your medicine cabinet, you should find an expired bottle of anti-depressants and decide to flush them down the toilet, you should make sure you remember to flush after you have dumped the pills. Unless, of course, you think the cat needs to drink Zoloft Water…

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