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{ Monthly Archives } September 2006

When too much information confirms your suspicions

Sometimes I check the referrer logs for Ratlands just to see where my visitors are coming from. This isn’t a high traffic blog, so the fun isn’t in the numbers, it’s in the locations. In case you didn’t know, referrer logs can show the search strings people used in a search engine that gave your […]

of trans fats and the persistence of memory

There were a couple of articles this week at Planet Moron worth noting. First a bit about trans fats and the health police which contains this nugget: That’s why we desperately need a law, and so New York City’s health department is proposing an outright ban on trans fatty acids. This follows bans on smoking, […]

Of little hairy women…

OK, this post has almost nothing to do with little hairy women, I just like the line from Gimli in the extended version of the Two Towers. It does have to do with hair, however. But first, my apologies to my 4 regular readers. I try not to go missing for long periods of time. […]

The Road Less Travelled

In every life there are, in retrospect, moments which define that particular life.  We look back and we see how this choice at this time forever altered our lives.  Often they seem like inconsequential, even trivial decisions at the time, but they prove to have set in motion consequences that far outweigh the initial event.  […]

The Madness of Mankind

(My apologies to Arthur C. Clarke for stealing the title of chapter 19 of his book 3001: The Final Odyssey for my lead.  I’ll get back to him in a moment.) It’s been a rough week in the Ratlands, and it seems unlikely to get any easier in the near future.  That’s not a complaint, […]

Of parasites and a truth not spoken

For myself, I have nothing significant to add to the thoughts and comments floating around the blogosphere on this day.  But Robert Sibley in the Ottawa Citizen does (via Small Dead Animals): …With all these terror plots in the works, how can anyone not believe there is a war between radical Islam and the West? […]

My new motto

Well, I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend.  The Head Rat and I watched the extended versions of all three Lord of the Rings movies.  And, of course I spent time with my shredder.  Other than that, it was pretty ugly here in the Ratlands.  I got multiple calls from work each […]

Back to the “F” word

Again, not that “F” word.  I talking about the word “fair”. (Via Samizdata)  There has been a series of posts and comments over at Marginal Revolution (this one in particular) sort of vaguely hovering around taxing the rich.  I’ve found the comments most entertaining, primarily because the commenters who take exception to the following, obviously […]

Five Minutes to Midnight

(Via Cox and Forkum)This is the title of a piece over at The Intellectual Activist. Robert Tracinski talks about the talk currently going on about the situation in the middle east and with Iran in particular. If you don’t normally read material from the right side of the political continuum, this piece is relatively reserved […]

Doctrine of Unintended Consequences

Back in the late ’80’s I was a horrible money manager, mostly because I kept forgetting to write down the checks I had written in the checkbook register. About that time, it became feasible (from a cost standpoint) to use checkbooks with the automatic copy pages in them. So I converted from the old-style plain […]

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