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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, September 2006

Five Minutes to Midnight

(Via Cox and Forkum)This is the title of a piece over at The Intellectual Activist. Robert Tracinski talks about the talk currently going on about the situation in the middle east and with Iran in particular. If you don’t normally read material from the right side of the political continuum, this piece is relatively reserved […]

Doctrine of Unintended Consequences

Back in the late ’80’s I was a horrible money manager, mostly because I kept forgetting to write down the checks I had written in the checkbook register. About that time, it became feasible (from a cost standpoint) to use checkbooks with the automatic copy pages in them. So I converted from the old-style plain […]

Well fed wombat?

I am a sucker for a delicious turn of phrase.  A few days ago at Samizdata there was a blurb celebrating the news that Natalie Portman has chosen not to let the threat of terrorism prevent her from going to Israel to visit friends and family.  While I agree with the author’s point (I like […]

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