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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

Now I lay me down to sleep

It just seems to be one of those nights.  I’m listening to a live recording of a Phil Lesh and friends concert from New Year’s Eve 2001.  My mind is wandering, and while I gave up psychedelics a long time ago, when my mind wanders you get something like a cross between Grant Wood and […]

Public Service Announcement: Ban this Killer Compound

I’m not much of a joiner.  I don’t usually shill for popular “causes”.  Frankly, I suspect I am afraid of replicating the self-satisfied, smug air of moral superiority or the pathetic, plaintive pleading so often seen in the demeanor of those who just know their cause is vital for the continued survival of the human […]

Oh, my, my. Oh, hell yes.

2 points to anyone who can name the artist and/or song that line comes from.  Without Googling, of course. (But first, a word from our sponsor.  Tonight’s entry is brought to you by Sam Adams Black Lager, which is mighty tasty on a balmy evening such as this.  It seems to go well with the […]

The First Annual Ratlands Ice Festival and Polar Bear Picnic

The First Annual Ratlands Ice Festival and Polar Bear Picnic preparations are now underway. After literally hours of planning the crew here in the Ratlands decided this would be an excellent weekend to smoke cheese and grill assorted pork products. At the last minute, the Ice Sculpting event has been cancelled, not because of the […]

The Royal family comes to America

It appears the British royal family will be moving to Los Angeles some time this summer. No.  Not the relatively lame Charles and Camilla show.  The real British royal family lost a great deal of their fascination for the public after the death of Princess Diana.  In a very real sense, especially in terms of […]

Of misplaced intentions and misguided apprehensions

I got an e-mail from frequent commenter Ken last night.  At least I think I did, because I followed the link he sent to a speech by Bill Moyers at .   But now I can’t find the e-mail and was beginning to  believe the whole thing was some sort of fatigue-induced hallucination, except that […]

Machine guns affect my performance

I used to write down quotes on little pieces of paper and note cards.  (For you younger readers, that was in the days before “cut and paste” and bookmarking websites.  Yes, I’m that old.)  The title of this post is a quote from Rico Tubbs in the original Miami Vice TV show.  (Yes, it was […]

Downtime on the Eve of Destruction

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.  It just popped into my head and I typed it.  Now, if something horrible happens tomorrow, y’all will think I’m psychic or something.  (Probably the “or something”.  Doesn’t matter, really.) I’ve been trying to get to that list of topics that have been floating around […]

New Year’s Eve at the Correctional Facility

Theoretically, there are probably better ways to spend a new year’s eve, but for twenty years or so I’ve spent them at our facility.  We don’t let any of our clients go out on passes on New Year’s Eve.  There is a cultural imperative in this country that presumes that getting drunk on this night […]

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