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{ Daily Archives } Monday, January 2007

Because I haven’t poked a stick at the Global Warming crowd in a while and I don’t have a biodegradeable accellerant

A Very British Dude has a reasonably well-written piece about carbon neutrality today.  It’s worth a read, but I especially like this bit: Because hysteria is what it is. In the 17th century it was witches. (Burn them) Now it is SUV drivers (Burn them, but only if you offset the carbon and use a […]

Now I lay me down to sleep

It just seems to be one of those nights.  I’m listening to a live recording of a Phil Lesh and friends concert from New Year’s Eve 2001.  My mind is wandering, and while I gave up psychedelics a long time ago, when my mind wanders you get something like a cross between Grant Wood and […]

Public Service Announcement: Ban this Killer Compound

I’m not much of a joiner.  I don’t usually shill for popular “causes”.  Frankly, I suspect I am afraid of replicating the self-satisfied, smug air of moral superiority or the pathetic, plaintive pleading so often seen in the demeanor of those who just know their cause is vital for the continued survival of the human […]

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