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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, January 2007

All mixed up

“I’m all mixed up.  My nose runs and my feet smells.” This is actually something my Grandmother used to say.  I have no idea why it popped into my head.  It is certainly “apropos of nothing”. So, 2 points to the first person who can name the female pop singer who used the phrase “apropos […]

Catching up

I’ve been sick since the weekend.  Missed a couple of days at work.  Now I’m trying to catch up.  I spend a lot of time at the computer.  Probably more than I should.  Still, while I do spend a fair amount of time online reading blogs and doing research, it is rarely more than an […]

What’s a little brain damage amongst friends?

As a smoker, I take a lot of crap off of people about my choice to smoke.  Quite a bit of it is, frankly, mean-spirited and a simple expression of various individuals who seem to have 1) a need to feel superior, 2) nothing better to do than mind everybody’s business but their own, and […]

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