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{ Monthly Archives } February 2007

Where are ewe?

For what it’s worth, sometimes, just out of idle curiosity*, when I’m killing time (like now, while I’m waiting for a live String Cheese Incident show to download) I check the search engine strings that brought people to Ratlands. I’ve mentioned previously some of the odd strings that people have used. Of the latest batch, […]

The best two hours I’ve spent lately

Friday night I watched ABC’s 20/20 with John Stossel. I admit I haven’t watched 20/20 in years; I usually have better things to do, like gaze at my navel or re-arrange my collection of pocket lint. I was glad I spent the time. Stossel had a two hour special about Worry in America. He talked […]

Follow up

A few nights ago, I mentioned that I was going to experiment with bookmark synchronization programs.  I only actually tried one.  Foxmarks works well.  I now have all of my bookmarks the same between my Windows and Linux systems.  Handy, given that I switch back and forth a lot.  I just thought I would pass […]

Are ewe lonesome tonight?

If so, you might be interested in a membership at  Why?   Well, according to the web site: With AdultSheepFinder you can meet sexy sheep in your area at the touch of a button! Find the right sheep for you from our extensive database and try to arrange with their owners for a sexy encounter! […]

More stuff for our own good

From the Register:  UN rebrands radiation: In an apparent acknowledgment of the plummeting standard of public scientific education in the West, the UN’s nuclear tentacle today unveiled a new danger sign for radiation which must approach the nadir of literalism. Personally, I think it means “don’t use a ceiling fan to blow air on decomposing […]

If potatoes have eyes, can couch potatoes cry?

While this might seem a purely rhetorical question, on this day it has special significance. Robert Adler is dead at age 93. (via Protein Wisdom)

Of wasted days and wasted nights…

Wasted nights, mostly.  Regular visitors to the Ratlands know I don’t do much of this in the daylight.  And we are talking about a lot of wasted nights, after a fashion. I’ve been doing Ratlands for over 4 years now.  The first entry on Ratlands’ previous home was dated 2/25/03.  In January of ’03 I […]

And these people are in charge of educating our children…

Just when I think nanny statism can’t get any sillier, something else pops up.  I shouldn’t be by now, but I am routinely amazed at the complete lack of perspective and absence of critical thinking skills displayed by supposedly educated people who, somewhere along the way, have determined that they are uniquely qualified to protect […]

Aggregator Aggrevation

If you don’t use an aggregator or news reader, you may or may not want to read the rest of this post. (If you aren’t familiar with aggregators, they go out to the web sites you want to check regularly and bring back what is usually a snippet of whatever has been posted new on […]

Kiss my furry little butt

I am, I know, one of the luckier ones out there when it comes to health insurance.  I have it.  The policy I have is pretty good.  Given the collective health of the crew here in the Ratlands, I know I’m damn lucky.  We are among the people who help push insurance costs up.  No […]

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