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{ Monthly Archives } March 2007

Maybe I zagged when I should have zigged…

This whole week has had a disoriented feel to it.  I guess that’s what happens when you do things you don’t often do.  Strange things have been happening at work.  Weird personnel situations that sort of defy description.  There was the road trip and starting the week on Tuesday. Then I went out and bought […]

We’re headed the wrong way, but we’re making great time

or Didn’t we pass a lake on the way in, yesterday? or How I got to see the outskirts of Oklahoma City without really trying Yeah, I know better than to try to travel without a roadmap.  And, I had all the little maps to get to the motel and to the concert in Tulsa.  […]

Still Breathing

The Head Rat and I are leaving town in a few hours.  We may be back Monday night.  If all goes well we will get a bit of time to rest and get away from the craziness around here.  Oh, and then there’s that Widespread Panic concert…

A bit of a breather

In case anyone was wondering, I’ve sort of gone to a real ugly place mentally. I would like to say I’ve been real busy with important, meaningful things, but the truth is I’m just tired. I’ve hit one of those “calm before the storm” periods, and I just can’t seem to make myself write. We’ve […]

Pi r squared.

Pie are not square. Pie are round. Cornbread are square. Sorry. It’s an old joke I learned from my math-teacher aunt. In case you missed it, today was pi day. Actually, the celebration was supposed to be at 1:59 pm for some reason (3.14159). Personally, I’m sort of annoyed that math geeks would ignore the […]

See Spot Run, pt. 2

Congratulations to Lance Mackey who pulled into Nome about an hour ago.  It is his first time to win the Iditarod.  Strangely enough, both his father and brother have won the Iditarod, and all three of them were wearing the number 13 bib when they did. As of this moment, Paul Gebhardt has also finished, […]

Did I miss a full moon somewhere?

I’ve dealt with a lot of “interesting” individuals over the years (in this case “interesting” would be a polite euphemism for “stone-cold, batshit crazy”). I’ve had a client who thought he was a horse. I’ve had a client who thought the black helicopters were after him. I’ve had a client who thought that when you […]

Effect and Cause

Semi-random quotes: Guns cause violence, like flies cause garbage– Zink Mitchell at Samizdata (regarding an Australian man who smashed 40 watermelons with his head…) Whether headbutting melons is the best way of appointing the Upper House is arguable, but it is at least transparent compared to the British system of bribery and bishops. – Harry […]

See Spot Run

Due to a number of ugly things going on here in the Ratlands, I wasn’t paying attention and missed the start of the Iditarod.  They are well into it, and the cat and mouse games of who is ahead, who has taken their mandatory layovers and the like has started in earnest.  My late Aunt […]

Because they don’t need to know

Although I am no stranger to hyperbole, I try to reserve it for relatively inconsequential nonsense.  I try not to allow myself to write “the sky is falling” type posts, not that I’m a respected citizen journalist or anything, but the more of that you engage in, the less credible you seem, in my (not […]

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