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{ Monthly Archives } April 2007

Pondering the Imponderable

There is a toothbrush in my truck.  It is balanced in the cupholder on the dashboard.  I don’t know who it belongs to.  I don’t know who put it there.  I don’t know why it is there.  I don’t know who thought it needed to be there. It is probably one of those things I […]

Ratlands Quote of the Day

This quote comes from Omni in a rather interesting exchange of comments on a post about American Meritocracy (or lack thereof) by Howard at the Smedley Log. (Yes, I know that’s pretty convoluted.  Just go read the post and the comments.  It will make sense.) We ARE a meritocracy… but we’re unwilling to recognize or […]

The best laid plans…

OK, so it’s a quarter to three and I’m not sleeping.  There were some calls from work and then I couldn’t get to sleep, so I splurged and downloaded a recording of the concert I went to last month.  Had a little trouble with the file permissions in Linux, but I got it and finally […]

Waiting for the Electrician, or someone like him

(Sorry, it just sort of fit the theme.  If you must know, this was the title of a Firesign Theater album I bought in the ’70’s.) The new Ubuntu hit the net today.  It took me over 10 hours to download it, but that has more to do with the “crazy-fast” Cox broadband that was […]

Waiting for Godot

When I was in high school I was introduced to the Theater of the Absurd by one of my English teachers.  If I remember correctly (and it’s been 30 years since I thought about this) Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” was about characters who were ostensibly waiting for someone named Godot to show up, had a […]

The Menu Tonight: Herring (red)

Since I don’t watch the news and even I’m aware of the Virginia Tech shooting today, I’m pretty sure almost everyone else is aware of it as well.  I am struck by how meaningless any expression of sympathy I might write would be to the families, friends, and victims.  I tried to write something meaningful, […]

More from the world of the Penguin

(I thought I would insert a Linux Penguin here, but it is just easier to link to this guy’s artwork site. That way you get to see all of his stuff and he gets the credit. I’m a little leery of appropriating other people’s art, even when they give permission, as Mr. Ewing has done.) […]

Bye, Bye Bill

Well, I’m not quite to the point of running Linux all the time, but I am a couple of steps closer.  I finally figured out how to mount the Windows drive and give myself the necessary permissions to access stuff.  I also got a windows emulator running.  I haven’t got all the kinks worked out […]

Deja vu all over again

At one time in my younger days, I became fascinated with Buddhism.  I think there are a lot of admirable things in Buddhism.  I eventually rejected it, however, because I just can’t buy the whole reincarnation thing.  Perhaps that’s just ego or my generally provincial upbringing, but, I just don’t believe in it. Obviously, I […]

Please protect yourselves

I was down at the county courthouse yesterday.  They have those “no guns” signs up at all the entrances.  (Personally, I can understand why you wouldn’t want guns on the floors where there are courtrooms, but I’m thinking customer service might be a bit better in the appraiser’s office or the tag office if the […]

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