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{ Monthly Archives } July 2007

A further conversation with the cat that jumped into my truck

Me:   Back again? cat:   Meow. Me:   You’re really not taking that “getting your balls cut off” thing seriously are you? cat:   Given that I’m a girl?  No.  Not really. Me:   … cat:   … Me:   … cat:   Would you feel better if I said, “Meow”? Me:   … cat:   Meow? Me:   Right, then.  Get out of my […]

Creative Thinking has some wonderful lithographs for those of us who are pretty much sick to death of those cutesy motivational posters you see in people’s workspaces.  My favorite has to be “Demotivation” which says Sometimes the best solution to Morale Problems is just to fire all of the Unhappy People. Then there are people like […]


If you are willing to risk being embarrassed, check out the games here.  You get 10 minutes to name all the American Presidents or 10 minutes to name all the state capitals. I didn’t expect to get all the presidents, but I did better on them than on the state capitals, which is annoying, because […]

To its logical conclusion

I found and interesting article today about a video on youtube.  I don’t spend a lot of time watching youtube videos, but the premise of this one is absolutely fascinating.  This guy took a camera to an abortion protest and asked that assuming abortion was made illegal, what punishment should women who have illegal abortions […]

When marketing people go bad

If you’ve never had regular Pocky, they aren’t bad. Basically it is a Japanese candy made by taking a biscuit stick and dipping it in chocolate. Not horribly sweet. I’ve seen them with chocolate, strawberry and a number of other flavors. Obviously this was some marketing guru’s attempt to cash in on multiple trends. You […]

A brief conversation with the cat that jumped into my truck

Cat:   Meow. Me:   Um, I usually sit in the driver’s seat… Cat:   Meow. Me:   So.  You’re planning to drive? Cat:   Meow. Me:   I guess you don’t yet associate “Going for a ride” with “Going to the Vet to get your balls cut off” do you? Cat:   Meow.

The “I wish I hadn’t been awake to do this, but here it is anyway” Random Ten

For what it’s worth: 1. Three to Get Ready – Dave Brubeck Quartet 2. Rambler’s Anthem – Yonder Mountain String Band 3. Counting Train Cars – Widespread Panic 4. Tomorrow Never Knows – Grateful Dead 5. Close By – Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys 6. Sanctuary – Kevin Max 7. Clocks – Twelve Girls […]

Fits and Starts: Notes from a Manilla Crypt

I don’t know if it’s still true, as the packaging now seems flimsier than it once was, but cigarette cartons used to be perforated along their edges. When I worked in a convenience store in the early 80’s, we used to tear the cartons apart and use the larger panels for scratch paper and list-making. […]

The voice in my head is singing

I don’t know how it works for other people, but I often get songs stuck in my head.  They play over and over and over and often when it seems they have gone (or when I’ve taken deliberate measures to replace them by playing other music) they just keep coming back.  The trouble for me […]

The best parts of my life are now beer commercials

Well, in what can only be described as evidence that I am, at best, a techno-geek wannabe, I finally figured out why I got so many pop songs on my last Random Ten.  It probably has something to do with the fact that instead of a random selection of all my tunes, I was spinning […]

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