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{ Monthly Archives } August 2007

The “I spent all day interviewing prospective employees and never got around to the tunes,” Random Ten

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. No, really.  I spent all day interviewing prospective employees and never got around to the tunes.

More family history

As long as I’m in the neighborhood, I may as well talk about my great-grandfather while I’m thinking about it.  I’ve never been able to get my mother to talk much about her grandfather, but before she died, my aunt told me one time that he was just a bit odd.  Apparently he went out […]


I routinely am less than forthcoming about a variety of things in an effort to maintain at least a marginal level of plausible deniability when it comes to where I work.  There are a variety of topics I would love to write about, but don’t feel I can.  There are also some things I could […]

Things I missed

Some time after I got out of high school, I hooked up with a roommate who was really into music. One of the bands he introduced me to was the Allman Brothers. I used to kick myself that they were making all that really cool music and I could have been in on it, but […]

Save Pussy on the Internet

Because we need more pussy on the internet Face it, it isn’t the message, it’s the presentation. (Obviously I’ve figured out how to embed video. And no, I still haven’t made up my mind which side of the net neutrality debate is more full of shit.)

A plug

I really like Coyote Blog for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is prose like this: Today, the world is a safer place.  Federal Agents from the Department of Homeland Security have siezed my Crest toothpaste.  You can all fly safely now. Plus, he has an interesting idea for filling a prime […]

Feastus Interruptus

The BLT’s got interrupted at the “got the tomatoes peeled but the bacon is only half done” stage.  Rat Jr. was involved in a fender-bender and called for help.  Nobody got hurt.  Rat Jr’s truck sustained a broken turn signal cover – the light didn’t even get broken.  But, we had to go down to […]

Food (Vegan, of course, so as to minimize global warming) for Thought

I ran across this article today on a link trail. Basically, it is an article from 1995 which explains the steps necessary to establish and “sell” a pseudoscience. While reading it, I found it impossible not to extrapolate from the subliminal tapes and phone psychics Pratkanis was talking about to the current state of affairs […]

Americana, pt. 3.1

Items mentioned last week: On the left is a metal 12 gauge shotgun shell case. They were reloadable, which would fit with my grandfather’s personality. The item on the right is a funnel (of sorts) to help with the reloading. This is the funnel slipped over the shell. I’m not sure what this is called […]

The Let’s see if cleaning the lens improves the picture quality so I just took a couple of snapshots Saturday Evening Blogpost photo caption contest

So Rat Jr. was complaining that her pictures from the Anime convention didn’t turn out too good. After playing around for a while, I discovered that the rangefinder window was smudged. That would probably explain why none of her pictures were in focus. Anyway, I had to do a test to see if I fixed […]

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