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{ Monthly Archives } August 2007

The Ratlands Thesaurus, pt. 1

Today’s linguistic nugget is “environmental anthropomorphism”, courtesy of Coyote Blog: This strikes me as a common form of environmental anthropomorphism — “Normal” is defined as the condition in which man has observed things over the last 200 or so years, a blink of the eye in geologic time.  So the only allowable plants and animals […]

Shooty. No Shooty.

In case you missed it, the French press had a story a few days ago about an Iraqi woman who was showing two bullets which she said hit her house during a coalition forces raid. Unfortunately, being anti-gun, anti-war and the like, the “Professional Journalists” who ran the story apparently don’t know the difference between […]

The “I Love you less, now that I know you” Random Ten

One of the better lines in a modern song, no? 1. The Dress – Blonde Redhead 2. Expiration Day –Widespread Panic 3. Mexico – moe 4. Bombs Away – The Police 5. Fallen on Hard Times – Jethro Tull 6. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Eric Clapton 7. Don’t Wanna Know – The Refreshments 8. […]

Americana, pt. 3 (almost)

My intent was to post a photo of a 1920’s era map of Kansas which showed the rail lines and the three areas of Kansas which had electric lines at the time.  Unfortunately, my mother re-arranged the “archives” so we have no idea where, exactly, the map is.  What I did find was some shotgun […]

And now for something completely different…

(with my sincerest apologies to Monty Python for stealing that line.) I confess I don’t know how to embed YouTube clips in a blog, so to see the STANDUP ECONOMIST, you have to go here. No, really.  Go on.  You’ll like it.  I’ll wait.

The “Whoa, I just noticed my earbuds are marked ‘R’ and ‘L'” Random Ten

(What can I say?  I don’t usually have my reading glasses on while I’m messing around with the MP3 player.) 1.  Television Tower – Monolake 2.  One Foot on the Path – Kenny Wayne Shepherd 3.  The Squirming Coil – Phish 4.  Eye in the Sky – Alan Parsons Project 5.  The Dollar Done Fell […]

Pearls of Prose

Sometimes a pithy bit of prose can almost bring me to tears.  See for yourself.

The “I would have stopped with 10 but it so clearly annoyed my co-workers that I kept at it til I had an 11th” Random Ten

I spent the afternoon re-writing our policy on dispensing making medication available to clients and listening to this: 1.  Mourning Air – Portishead 2.  In the Waiting Line –  Zero 7 3.  After Midnight – Eric Clapton 4.  Private Investigations – Dire Straits 5.  Spiritual Waves – Tastexperience 6.  Come on Baby – Moby 7.  […]

In which Pooh tracks down a bandwidth leech and accidentally discovers Internet Bliss

Although I’m not fanatical about it, I do occasionally check the WordPress dashboard to see if any suspicious comment spam got through the filters or if there are any new incoming links.  (If you are a WordPress user and wonder how I would not see the dashboard regularly, it’s because I usually post out of […]

Truth in Advertising

Having spent a number of (relatively painful) years getting us out of debt here in the Ratlands, I usually shred new credit card offers rather unceremoniously. Occasionally, however, I read the fine print on some of them, just to remind myself why we don’t accept any of them. Whether it is the ridiculous interest rates […]

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