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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, August 2007

The Let’s see if cleaning the lens improves the picture quality so I just took a couple of snapshots Saturday Evening Blogpost photo caption contest

So Rat Jr. was complaining that her pictures from the Anime convention didn’t turn out too good. After playing around for a while, I discovered that the rangefinder window was smudged. That would probably explain why none of her pictures were in focus. Anyway, I had to do a test to see if I fixed […]

The Ratlands Thesaurus, pt. 1

Today’s linguistic nugget is “environmental anthropomorphism”, courtesy of Coyote Blog: This strikes me as a common form of environmental anthropomorphism — “Normal” is defined as the condition in which man has observed things over the last 200 or so years, a blink of the eye in geologic time.  So the only allowable plants and animals […]

Shooty. No Shooty.

In case you missed it, the French press had a story a few days ago about an Iraqi woman who was showing two bullets which she said hit her house during a coalition forces raid. Unfortunately, being anti-gun, anti-war and the like, the “Professional Journalists” who ran the story apparently don’t know the difference between […]

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