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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, August 2007

Feastus Interruptus

The BLT’s got interrupted at the “got the tomatoes peeled but the bacon is only half done” stage.  Rat Jr. was involved in a fender-bender and called for help.  Nobody got hurt.  Rat Jr’s truck sustained a broken turn signal cover – the light didn’t even get broken.  But, we had to go down to […]

Food (Vegan, of course, so as to minimize global warming) for Thought

I ran across this article today on a link trail. Basically, it is an article from 1995 which explains the steps necessary to establish and “sell” a pseudoscience. While reading it, I found it impossible not to extrapolate from the subliminal tapes and phone psychics Pratkanis was talking about to the current state of affairs […]

Americana, pt. 3.1

Items mentioned last week: On the left is a metal 12 gauge shotgun shell case. They were reloadable, which would fit with my grandfather’s personality. The item on the right is a funnel (of sorts) to help with the reloading. This is the funnel slipped over the shell. I’m not sure what this is called […]

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