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{ Monthly Archives } September 2007

The “We could both wear Cowboy Hats and pretend we could speak Italian” Random Ten

This week’s RT: 1. Counting Train Cars – Widespread Panic 2. Franklin’s Tower – Grateful Dead 3. Very, Very Hungry – Brian Eno and David Byrne 4. Bamm! – String Cheese Incident 5. Suzy Greenberg – Phish 6. Joe the Lion – David Bowie 7. Looking at the Sun – Matthew Sweet 8. Down Together […]

Themes Attack! Disaster Averted.

When I set up the original Ratlands site, I did all the html coding myself.  When I switched to WordPress, I used a theme made available by the WP folks and did a bit of modification on it.  I was thinking that I might update the layout so I started playing around, only to discover […]


I’m looking for a word.  I need a female functional equivalent for the word “dapper”. Any ideas?

See, I told you it wasn’t Haliburton!

From a bumper sticker seen by Rat Jr. today: Frodo failed.  The Republicans have the ring.

Because we really, really need national health insurance

From Mark Steyn: So, out of 45 million uninsured Americans, 9 million aren’t American, 9 million are insured, 18 million are young and healthy. And the rest of these poor helpless waifs trapped in Uninsured Hell waiting for Hillary to rescue them are, in fact, wealthier than the general population. According to the Census Bureau’s […]

Things that bug me

Driving in to work this morning, I saw a bumper sticker advertising a local radio station.  The tag line at the bottom of the sticker was, “La estacion oficial de la raza.” I don’t have a problem with that.  But, I wonder how far down the street I would get with a bumper sticker that […]

Midrin update

Several days ago I talked at length about how the medicine the Head Rat and I take for migraines had disappeared from every pharmacy in the area.  After lots of conflicting information and speculation, it appears there is finally a definitive answer. I’ve found several more or less “official” websites (most recently here) and a […]


In the comments on a previous post, I shot my mouth off about a personalized license plate.  I made an assumption based on my erroneous recollection that we get 8 letters here in Kansas on those plates.  Howard (who is, I believe, a much better human being than me, and was willing to give the […]

What he said…

From Mark Cuban: When I vote in any local or state election, I vote for the candidate who I think will do the least. Not the least of anything specific, just the least amount of everything. The perfect candidate for me would be one that would walk around kissing babies. I think we have enough […]

Why I will always be a 4th rate blogger

Simply, it’s because I’m not quick enough or clever enough to come up with lines like this from Tim Blair: I’ve been recording leftist stupidity for years now, and this is a new peak. This is Olympian; in fact, this is Olympian with anabolic stupoids.

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