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{ Monthly Archives } December 2007

Exceedingly strange

I usually work on New Year’s Eve.  This year I’m not.  I don’t go to parties.  This year I am.  A very strange end to a very strange year. In fairness, I’m not actually going to a party (I wouldn’t want to be out on the road on Amateur Night).  The party is coming to […]

Homelessness is NOT a problem

Disclaimer I am about to spend a bit of time talking about homelessness. Some of this is my analysis and opinion. Some of it is a story. The story is true. For anonymity reasons, I’ve left out the odd detail. (Actually, a lot of odd details, but never mind that now.) You will have to […]

The exception that proves the rule

I really despise that statement.  If it is an exception, then it isn’t a rule. But, I guess “the statistically rare occurrence which stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of observed instances,”  isn’t really a viable truism, is it?

I’m not paying for that…

Interesting musings on what one might be willing to pay for when one’s children get ready to go to college over at dispatches from TJICistan . The key is a certain seriousness: if (a) someone is truly interested in a field, and (b) intends to do real things in it, and (c) a degree is […]

Roadblocks, mental and otherwise

The essay on homelessness is taking longer than I thought it would.  Part of the problem is that I use a program called Free Mind to write essays that aren’t my usual stream of consciousness crap.  It works really well for me, partly because there are some keyboard shortcuts that allow me to move from […]

It’s Alive!

The Juniormobile lives! We took it in this morning.  I figured they were just going to bend the metal away from the wheel a couple of inches and cut off the skirt around the wheel well.  Instead they basically fixed everything that could be fixed short of installing a new bumper and skirt.  Other than […]

The (insert reference here) Friday Random Ten

I haven’t done the Random Ten thing in a while.  It’s amazing what you can find time for while you are on vacation. I love music – FlunkDrinkin’ Muddy Water – North Mississippi AllstarsWith a little help from my Friends – Joe CockerAin’t life Grand – Widespread PanicKomtenmelodie 2 – KraftwerkWhen the World is Running […]

Well shite in a bag and punch it…

I just discovered that I’ve been spammed or botted or spidered or something by the Presidential Campaign of a certain female senator who shall remain nameless but who I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I guess they must have a program that trawls the internet for mentions of the Candidate and automatically puts comments […]

Reinterpreting events

Well, I’m back inside.  I’ve called the body shop and should be able to get the Juniormobile fixed (at least enough that it’s safe to travel) in the next few days.  I swear my decision to punt on the repairs was not a function of the fact that it is beginning to snow. So.  I […]

Countdown Chores

I’ve been working on an essay on homelessness, but it is on hold today while I do Father/Guy stuff. Rat Jr. is about a week away from moving to Idaho, but the impending departure is in peril due to an episode of bad judgment. She loaned her car to a friend who promptly got hit […]

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