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{ Monthly Archives } December 2007

Merry Chistmas

Greetings to all from us here in the Ratlands, where we have a beautiful, crisp, dazzlingly bright Christmas morning.  For a lot of you, snow at Christmas is no big deal, but it happens here once a decade or so, so for the closet sentimentalists among us, it is.  Here’s wishing you and yours the […]

But it isn’t salacious

There’s a beautiful piece over at Sippican Cottage on two bits of news that were apparently not important enough to receive widespread reportage by Professional Journalists, but which taken together have at least the potential to fundamentally change the structure of our world. The money quote: Did smart people solve the problem while the media […]

In which Cziltang explains a one month absence (or not)

Mostly not, I’d guess. One of the problems associated with taking an extended break is that it is hard to know where to start when you return.  I feel like I have both everything and nothing to say.  So here’s the short version and then maybe I can start fresh: Death, Alzheimers, Illness, weird skin […]

More stuff I wish I’d written

A complete post from SDA: Examining The Mechanisms Underpinning The Increased Demand For Food Banks In Affluent Societies: An Essay In 7 Words If you build it, they will come. The linked article is interesting.  It makes the point that “free” food is anything but, and that it is in fact, considerably more expensive than […]

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