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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, December 2007

Well shite in a bag and punch it…

I just discovered that I’ve been spammed or botted or spidered or something by the Presidential Campaign of a certain female senator who shall remain nameless but who I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I guess they must have a program that trawls the internet for mentions of the Candidate and automatically puts comments […]

Reinterpreting events

Well, I’m back inside.  I’ve called the body shop and should be able to get the Juniormobile fixed (at least enough that it’s safe to travel) in the next few days.  I swear my decision to punt on the repairs was not a function of the fact that it is beginning to snow. So.  I […]

Countdown Chores

I’ve been working on an essay on homelessness, but it is on hold today while I do Father/Guy stuff. Rat Jr. is about a week away from moving to Idaho, but the impending departure is in peril due to an episode of bad judgment. She loaned her car to a friend who promptly got hit […]

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