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{ Monthly Archives } January 2008

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Rat Jr. got to her temporary residence yesterday.  She was supposed to be looking for a job today.  Unfortunately, her cell phone doesn’t work at her current location.  It must really suck having to live in a high mountain valley. Meanwhile, at work we have installed  wireless access points in our building.  Apparently I am […]

Fly Away

Rat Jr is in Butte, Montana as I write this. She should be at her new residence in Idaho sometime later today. She took 2 of the cats with her. The Head Rat is not coping well. The kid isn’t here anymore. The one remaining cat wanders around the house yowling and looking for the […]

Idle speculation

At work today, I noticed that half the lights are out in the staff men’s bathroom. I’m wondering if this is because: Nobody bothered to tell the maintenance guys the bulbs are burned out It’s part of our campaign to save electricity It’s mood lighting for a visiting senator Maybe I’m better off not knowing.

And now, a word from your sponsor

Given that this has had about 5 and a half million page views, you’ve probably already seen this, but if not, this is the “Mom Song” sung to the William Tell Overture.  Because you need to be reminded…

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