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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

At last

I’ve made fun of Scion xB’s before, and I still believe they just scream “I don’t have enough horsepower to make aerodynamics an issue“.  I’m not sure what the demographic they are designed for is exactly (not me, obviously).  I’m guessing it is supposed to be sort of sporty, sort of environmentally friendly, sort of […]

More cool

I can’t remember if I’ve ever written about this before, but if you haven’t heard of it, check out the Encyclopedia of Life online.

Tor, pt. 2

If you haven’t signed up for the Tor mailing list (here), I recommend you do it right away.  I really liked this week’s free e-book Old Man’s War by John Scalzi.

Of flea markets, free markets, tobacco and victims who won’t cooperate

The Head Rat and I went to the local flea market today.  She’s really into scented oil burners and the like at the moment and had heard that a couple of booths there had a pretty good selection, so we went to check it out. First, I should say that I’m not temperamentally suited for […]

Now here’s a thought

The first time I took my Ruger SP101 to the range I wore a large blister on my hand between the thumb and index finger after 80 rounds.  And, between a touch of arthritis and some old tendon damage, I also have a bit of trouble controlling the gun after 40 or so .357 rounds.  […]


Years ago, I was pretty current on science fiction and fantasy.  The genres sort of exploded about the time I was in high school and eventually, I just couldn’t keep up.  Too much new stuff, too little disposable income, etc.  Still, I occasionally run into something good, by recommendation or accident. I’m not really familiar […]

Of blunders, both tactical and strategic

It has been said that there are two classic blunders*: 1.  Never get involved in a land war in Asia2.  Never go in against a Sicilian when death in on the line To this, I can add: 3.  Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach And, the most serious blunder of all: 4.  Never […]

Well, duh…

I’m having trouble with the cable company this evening.  The internet connection keeps getting dropped and now I’ve discovered that the cable TV isn’t working.  I called the cable company and got an automated voice saying, “we are experiencing a service outage in your area.” Oh, really?


Try as I might to be productive on the weekends (and, truth be told, I don’t usually try all that hard), I usually end up doing something incredibly irresponsible, colossally stupid, or I just end up being monumentally lazy.  It is a stellar weekend, indeed, when I can manage to accomplish (for lack of a […]

The 365/296/61271* Friday Random Ten

1. Old Joe – Widespread Panic 2. Tweezer – Phish 3. Leaving Las Vegas – Sheryl Crow 4. MLT – String Cheese Incident 5. Since I’ve Been Loving You – Page and Plant 6. Drop Down Mama -North Mississippi All-Stars 7. China Cat Sunflower – Grateful Dead 8. Dangerous – Depeche Mode 9. Help Me […]

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