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{ Monthly Archives } March 2008

and just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse…

We have a rule at work: Never say things can’t get any worse because they always do.  Unfortunately, even though most of us adhere to this rule with something akin to fanatical religious fervor, things often get worse anyway.  This has been, if not the weirdest, something approaching the weirdest 3 months of my life.  […]

The “Oh yeah, I guess it’s” Friday Random Ten

1.  How Mountain Girls can Love – String Cheese Incident 2. Electric Lullaby – Kenny Wayne Shepherd 3.  Bedouin – The Orb 4.  Where the Streets have no Name – U2 5.  Crockett’s Theme (from the Miami Vice TV show) – Jan Hammer 6.  Fat Man – Little Feat 7.  Big Bad Moon – Joe […]

Because you really wanted to know…

On the decline and fall of the human race

I was checking out at Wal-Mart tonight and got into a conversation with the guy who was ringing up my groceries.  Trying to explain how we got there would be an evening’s work, so let’s just say that at one point he mentioned that if he were a superhero he would be “Gag Reflex Man” […]

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