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{ Monthly Archives } April 2008

My Wireless ate my Firefox

As mentioned previously, I’ve been flirting with wireless internet for my computer.  Unfortunately, after I installed it, my Firefox browser quit working.  I guess it didn’t like the USB wireless setup.  Anyway, for the past 3 days (when not painting or making my daily trip to Wal-Mart for more supplies) I’ve been trying to get […]

One more reason not to watch the news

Again today, I managed to see the local news. The big story today was something about how the station is doing a piece designed to help people with their resumes and job applications because it is so hard to find a job around here. You know how tough times are and how there just aren’t […]

A reminder why I don’t watch the news

Being home this week has afforded me the opportunity to watch the news.  I suppose I should do it more often, but I really don’t have the patience.  I kid the Head Rat about talking to the TV like they can really hear her, but I find  myself unable to refrain from yelling at the […]

More Wierdness

We’re doing a major batch of painting and spring housecleaning this week.  My office has been a special kind of hell-hole.  I tend to accumulate a lot of “potentially useful” electronic stuff.  For example, In my office right now are two VCR’s, a DVR, two stereo receivers, three sets of computer speakers and enough cables, […]

Sometimes a little distance improves your perspective

I think we often work ourselves into a “can’t see the forest for the trees” position here in American when it comes to politics. Via Three Sources, a bit of perspective (and my aplogies to jk for quoting the whole thing): Now that we’re covering pro wresling, I might as well forward a joke from […]

Some days are just weird

Well, here’s something you don’t get to do every day. I’ve spent the afternoon buying a phone for a deaf woman. The Head Rat decided she really wants to be able to text Rat Jr. So, after lobbying her for months about how much easier this would be than going through the relay service, she […]

Some days are better than others

So I’ve had this headache all day long.  I have pulled muscles from moving kitchen appliances.  When I got home today the Head Rat was buying jewelry on the internet.  And yet, it’s been a pretty decent day. This is my qualification test (the non-written part) for a concealed carry license. I almost didn’t get […]

Why go eat lunch when you can do this?

I find this to be a great stress reliever during my work day: (The rest is below the fold for the benefit of people who might be upset by pictures of dead milk bottles.)

The “Suspiciously like my life: started with promise but…” Friday Random Ten

1. $300 – Soul Coughing 2. Bittersweet – Big Head Todd and the Monsters 3. Walkin’ All Night – Little Feat 4. Useless – Kruder & Dorfmeister 5. My Friend – Groove Armada 6. Everybody’s Jumpin’ – Dave Brubeck 7. Theme from the Bottom – Phish 8. Fire on the Mountain – Bill Monroe & […]

“Well, here it is: that time they told us about in high school when math would save our lives”*

Ok, maybe it didn’t save my life, but consider this: We are building round concrete pillars to use as tables in our courtyard at work. We want to paint or etch chessboards on the top of the pillars. The concrete forms are 18″ in diameter. Will a chessboard with 2″ squares fit on the pillar? […]

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