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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

Me too

(via Cold Fury) I’m not much on much on all those do good/feel good/get healthy type days that get promoted seemingly all the time. I pretty much ignored “Walk at Work Day.” I ignore most of the “raise awareness” days. I actively chain smoke whenever possible during the “Great American Smokeout”. You want me to […]

Yeah, I can live with that (except he’s dead)

You are Wash, the Pilot You can be terse…once in Flight School, you were downright laconic! Beware sharp pieces of wood. Take the Which Firefly guy are you? Quiz at

In which Cziltang the Ratbastard live-blogs a hailstorm

I’m not sure whether anyone has done this before, but you might as well share the anxiety of the moment as I sit here listening to progressively larger hailstones pounding down outside.  Sort of on the order of a slow-motion train wreck, I don’t really want to, but I guess I may as well go […]

In which Cziltang the Ratbastard attempts to demonstrate that he is a digital guru only to be reminded that he is, in fact, a techno-geek wannabe

For non-regular readers, the Head Rat has become, for all intents and purposes, deaf. She reads lips very well, and whether it is because my voice is low enough that she hears bits of what I say or whether after twenty-five years of being married I simply have nothing original to say or whether she […]

Tonzura koite

(Yes, Jr., I’ve been watching Excel Saga) According to my source, this translates roughly as “and we get the hell out”, which is what I would really like to do sometimes. Get together with a bunch of like-minded individuals in Wyoming or Idaho or some such place, form a libertarian government and secede from the […]

In which Cziltang the Ratbastard acquires a new Ratmobile and emerges with both arms, both legs and most of his ass intact

I hate vehicle shopping.  I hate haggling.  I hate the “car buying experience”.  Nothing about it appeals to me.  Nothing about it is enjoyable for me (not even the “new car” smell).  The only time I ever really enjoyed buying a car was in 1977 when I bought a 1972 Ford Galaxie 500 (my first […]

The “not yet Friday, decidedly un-“Random Ten

Nothing random this week. I’ve been listening to the new Nine Inch Nails album to the exclusion of all else. The Slip has, coincidentally*, ten songs, so here it is: 1. 999,999 2. 1,000,000 3. Letting You 4. Discipline 5. Echoplex 6. Head Down 7. Lights in the Sky 8. Corona Radiata 9. The Four […]

And a good time was had by all

I’ve said before (although I don’t think it was on this web site) that my job/life is sort of like herding squirrels: 1. I’m never completely successful 2. I’m never completely finished 3. On a good day no one gets run over by a car That said, the past couple of days haven’t been all […]

What He said…

I was getting my thoughts together over the weekend to write about drastic increases in food costs vs. increases in gasoline costs. As is usually the case, the subject is covered at Coyote Blog: 1. Before I could get to it2. More eloquently than I could have done it. (you really should be reading Warren […]

An interesting offer

Although not my favorite band, I’ve quite enjoyed Nine Inch Nails over the years. So it is with some relish that I pass on the news that Trent Reznor is giving away (via download) the new NIN album, The Slip. (via Samizdata)

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