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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

Americana, pt. 5

My mother is getting new carpet, so she has been cleaning out the back room so she can move stuff into it before the carpet guys get there.  I was going through some of the stuff of mine she had saved and found this: This is the owner’s brochure for the Winchester model 270 slide […]


Math time, boys and girls. There’s that really hopey-changey campaign commercial about the hands that do x can also do y (e.g. the hands that build those nasty SUV’s can build environmentally friendly vehicles). Obamamath says those people (x) plus his economic plans and technological acumen (y) will create 5 million new jobs. OR: x […]

Ratlands Quote of the Day

From a article entitled “5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode“: Actually imagining just how infinitesimal you are in the scope of the universe is like autoerotic asphyxiation: it’s not as pleasant as you’d think, and if you do it wrong you can end up a vegetable.

In which Cziltang the Ratbastard incurs greivous bodily injury because of a bulimic cat

OK.  So the title is probably more interesting than the story and the extent of my injuries is exaggerated.  So sue me.  The bulimic cat part is for real. The Head Rat’s little cat is spoiled rotten.  She gets a cat treat first thing in the morning.  She gets a cat treat if she plays […]

Home on the Range

The Head Rat and I just got back from a relaxing afternoon at the range.  I still can’t find my camera, so I guess there won’t be any pictures of her targets. The short version of the story is:  She’s pretty good.  She was consistently putting 14 of 15 shots in the center mass area […]

You cain’t git there from here v.3

I’m still slogging away at getting my computer back.  I will say this for the quad core processor; it seems really fast.  Of course, without all the gunk I had on the old one, even the old one would probably have run better. OK, so here’s the story.  Service Pack 3 for Windows XP broke […]

Missed opportunity

There are some things in life that you should be able to count on. The sun comes up in the east. A mother’s love. Politics is ugly. You know, things that are just a given. I’m really disappointed in the Associated Press. In this story about the famous Wall Arch collapsing in the Arches National […]

You cain’t git there from here v.2

I’ve nothing really to say at the moment, this is more a test to make sure I still have access to ratlands.  I’ve been moving stuff to a new motherboard and processor setup and it hasn’t been going well.  Right now, I’m about half done with the upgrades, which has been a nightmare.  Here’s a […]

You cain’t git there from here, v1

My computer has taken gotten glitchy on me, apparently due to a clunky hard drive.  Rather than wait for it to crash completely I ordered a new motherboard and a new quad core processor.  I also got a power supply and a new hard drive in the package and I picked up a huge cooling […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

While I was home with the Head Rat right after her surgery, I kept seeing this commercial for a security system company.  Maybe you’ve seen it: a young woman is getting ready for a date when she hears someone at the door.  Thinking it is her date showing up early, she goes to look, only […]

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