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{ Monthly Archives } October 2008

The quote

I got busy last week and forgot to provide a source for the Alexander Hamilton quote.  Go here for the Federalist Papers.  It is in #1.

As long as we’re talking lowbrow humor

Try this

By the way

I was talking to the intern today about criminal thinking, which reminded me I had wanted to make a comment about Sean Penn.  (Actually, it wasn’t quite that direct.  I was thinking about the new essay, which reminded me that I’ve got the one from last night/this morning going, which reminded me of a couple […]

There’s more than one way to kill a cat besides choke it to death with Butter

I don’t really have anything to say that fits a title like that, I just like it.  I was talking with my Mother today.  We got to talking about Grandmothers and some of the things they used to say.  The post title was one that my maternal grandmother said.  It seems to fit in the […]

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