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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, October 2008

Anecdotal Evidence

A couple of days ago I was heading back to work after a trip to the Dr. with the Head Rat.  I was on a fairly busy street and I met a school bus stopped in the opposite lane with its stop sign extended and its lights flashing.  Obviously, I stopped.  Five cars in front […]

Cartoon strip. Sort of…

I really don’t know quite what to make of this art form, but I like it. (I didn’t pick the most recent one.  You should check out some of the others.  I particularly like the one with the black cat.)

Lie to me some more

I’ve been in my office all afternoon and evening.  The Head Rat has been watching TV in the bedroom.  Unfortunately, I can hear the TV, and unfortunately, I keep hearing an Obama commercial.  About a dozen times now.  If you watch TV I’m sure you’ve seen it; the one where he talks about how he […]

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