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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

I did it while engaged in weird, kinky, sweaty, monkey sex

Well, that’s what I would like to be able to tell people, but sadly, it just isn’t true.  It is, unfortunately, one of the ways you can tell you are getting (much) older, when your explanations for how you got hurt are no longer tales of epic proportion.  Thursday morning I was in the shower […]

Why did I buy a gun when I could have bought a Senate seat?

No, really. The best quote I’ve seen on the Blagojevich thing is from Megan McArdle describing the reaction of her libertarian friends: There’s something really sad about having gone so far that your indelicacy actually amazes the folks who want to legalize prostitution and open air drug markets. (via TJIC)

Quote of the day

If you don’t read Coyote Blog regularly, you should.  I do, because Warren routinely says what I’m trying to say, only better, more coherently and with more depth than I can manage.  Sometimes he floats ideas I would never, ever have thought of (like this).  And sometimes, I just appreciate his elegance (in the engineering […]

Worth a look

I’ve just spent the better part of the last 18 hours reading 6 years worth of the online comic El Goonish Shive. If you don’t think you would be interested in a guy who attends an anime style martial arts dojo, a half-squirrel, half-human (potential) assassin, a transformation ray gun capable of gender changes, space […]

A media field day

An idea whose time has come…

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