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{ Monthly Archives } January 2009

blonde joke

How many blondes does it take to change a diaper? No. really.

Sunday Afternoon Dog Blogging

Kali’s coat apparently keeps her warm enough in cold weather, but tell me this doesn’t look like a Tim Curryesque drag queen vampire party cape?

“I feel like slapping a Leprechaun right now.”

When I get pressed for time, I don’t always get my entire list of regular websites read.  My daily list has been getting shorter and shorter over the past few weeks.  This article on the issuance of a book detailing the citizen’s fundamental rights under the European Union is a pointed reminder that one ignores […]

Back in the Saddle

(Which isn’t really a very good metaphor for me since I haven’t been on a horse since 1974…) I really meant to get back to my essays on crime and corrections and, well a lot of things, but, as happens sometimes here in the Ratlands, we’ve had a nasty attack of real life.  Lots of […]

Semi-rhetorical question #1

Is there anything more pointless than running boards or step bars on a low-rider SUV?

Junkie behavior

Instead of a substantive post, I thought I’d drop this little nugget about cocaine-addicted bees on you.

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