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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009

Sunday night cat joke

A cat walks into a bar…


2 things you should do

Now. Read this: Simulacrum of a President: 84R4(K 084M4 Watch this: Why are conservatives so mean? (via Cold Fury) Seriously, the first is worth some thought, and as for the second, when was the last time you watched a presentation that featured Alexis de Tocqueville AND Xerxes from the movie 300?

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Solar power = free, unlimited energy*

*except when the sun isn’t shining. Which, in Troy, Michigan, is apparently enough of the time during the winter that if something goes wrong with your battery back-up, your 800 sq. ft‡, $900,000, completely off-grid alternative energy showplace has it’s pipes freeze causing so much damage it is unsafe for use. (via Moonbattery) ‡Nearly a […]

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Ratlands to escape regulation

FTC Looks To Regulate Blogger Credibility No worries here.  I’ve got no credibility in the first place. (Actually, the proposal is to require disclosure if a blogger has been paid for a story or given a product to write a review.  One of the author’s points was that no one is talking about requiring that […]

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What if the hokey pokey IS what it’s all about?

Well, it could be, right? As an explanation for one’s actions, it makes about as much sense as wrecking the economy, crippling industry, weakening the military, encouraging our enemies, intruding in our private lives, telling us what we can eat, what we can drink, what we can drive, how often to flush, rewarding failure and […]

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Why do I feel like I need to apologize to Mandy Patinkin?

see more Lol Celebs

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More cool stuff

I happened to catch Jeff Beck’s most recent concert video over the weekend on Palladia HD.  He’s got this kid playing bass.  Turns out her name is Tal Wilkenfeld.  I guess she was about 21 when the video was shot.  She may not be the greatest bass player ever (yet), but she’s real good.  If […]


Cool stuff

Barn Owl nesting boxes Best visual illusions (via GeekPress) Origami paper plane sets flight record. (via GeekPress) Oh, and Randy at Cold Fury thinks we need a Road Race. Randy also has the best line of the day: Cause Jesus Fucking Christ on a Pogo Stick Whistling Dixie, it can’t be any worse than any […]

Uncool stuff

New CAFE regulations:  A very good post on why “regulating to the mean” punishes folks who aren’t near the mean.  Yes, I know that sounds dry, but the post is about why the new mileage regulations are counterproductive and punish those of us who don’t drive that much under normal circumstances. My situation mirrors that […]

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Guest Essay

Rat Jr. has been writing in other places for some time now.  Until recently it has been fiction.  I thought I would share: Normally I would save this kind of thing for my blog or my personal journal, but since it was a writing prompt sent to my e-mail, I thought I would try it. […]


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