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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

Best Idea I’ve heard this month

I’ve said something similar in the past.  I just didn’t take it to its logical conclusion.  And I’m not funny.  (My apologies to Frank J. at IMAO for the substantial excerpt.  Frank, if you wrote crap filler around the good parts I wouldn’t excerpt the whole thing…) This whole Sanford mess reminds me of the […]

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Ice XV

I really don’t know what this means (I didn’t know there was an Ice II or that the stuff we usually see is known to ice scientists as Ice Ih) but it seems really cool. (via GeekPress) pardon the pun

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Weird Break

Well, boys and girls, I’ve got a bit of a break in what has been about the ugliest week I’ve had for quite a while.  The turning 50 part didn’t bother me.  Being repeatedly told I am the quintessential embodiment of evil (repeatedly, at volume) didn’t bother me either.  But having it happen while running […]

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Aside from being sick over the weekend, I’ve got some real thorny personnel problems going at work, which will entail some very long hours.  So, my apologies to any of you regular readers out there, but I’m not likely to be posting much in the next couple of weeks.

Back in the saddle. Again.

I actually got the office put back together last night, but then went to work for several hours.  I’m finally finished wading through the backed-up RSS feeds.  There won’t be any breathtakingly insightful essays (or any of the kind I usually write, either), but I will pass these links along: Ahhnuld on the California budget. […]

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I’m going to be absent for a while.  We discovered a water leak in our shower.  Unfortunately, the access to the pipes is behind my desk, so I will be shutting down the computer and moving all my office furniture for the next couple of days. See y’all later.

Now that you mention it…

I haven’t been posting much lately.  The Head Rat’s twin sister has been in the hospital, the Head Rat and I have both been fighting some kind of cold or virus or something, I’ve got a number of pending issues at work, and, if I (for some unfathomable reason) must be honest, I finally succumbed […]

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