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{ Monthly Archives } September 2009

Of houses and beer

First the houses.  Waxman/Markey (the Cap and Trade bill) contains 397 new regulations and 1100 new Federal Mandates. One (just one, mind you) makes selling almost all private homes a Federally Regulated Transaction.  FRT’s require that you would have to have your house inspected for “greenness” and if it didn’t pass you would have to […]

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A picture is worth…

a thousand words.  However, if you combine a picture with an additional 4 or 5 well-chosen words, you get the best cartoon I’ve seen for some time.


The Qom Gambit

There have been some interesting bits of speculation at the Gormogons about a number of odd diplomatic occurrences related to Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Israel’s potential responses, seemingly inexplicable American foreign policy activities that may or may not be related, etc. While I’m not sure about the conclusion, this article provides some food for thought […]


And the winner is…

I have spent a fair amount of my life chasing after the “Know Thyself” advice allegedly inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.  While there is a certain chicken and egg dimension to the issue (am I naturally self-absorbed and therefore predisposed to the “Know Thyself” quest, or has the quest created the consequence […]

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Is it a Meme or a Theme or just a weird coincidence?

I don’t know, but today’s links have a common thread: art. First, a lovely painting (OK, it’s really just a cartoon) entitled ACARE from Diversity Lane which addresses the age-old moral dilemma of what is to become of newly unemployed ACORN staff. Second, another great piece from Iowahawk entitled Earn Big $$$ the NEA way! […]

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Words of Wisdom from Rat Jr.

I guess this is just “Dad” talking, but I’ve really enjoyed watching Rat Jr. become more politically aware and seeing how her political thought has evolved over the past few years.  Thankfully she seems amazingly unafflicted by most the socialist, utopian crap that was bubbling around in my head, preventing rational thought when I was […]

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But they really, really like me

There’s an excellent article over at the Gormogons that answers the question of why, if Obama is popular in other parts of the world, do those other parts of the world still hate America? Short version: The Fallacy of  Foreign Policy Egocentrism.  Well worth a read.

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Sunday Night link dump

Sometimes, as I’m reading the stuff that comes up in my RSS reader (I use Brief, a Firefox browser extension, in case you were wondering), I run onto posts that I think I want to write about but, either I don’t have time at the time, or I’m not sure what I’m going to say […]

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Too weird

I don’t even know how to describe this.  The photo is labeled “jesus cat butt“, but I’m pretty sure it’s a dog. Remember that which is seen can’t be unseen.


Quote of the Day

Seen on a sign company sign on the way home tonight: If ignorance is bliss, Congress must be Paradise.

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