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{ Monthly Archives } September 2009

2 things

1st, A Primer on Libertarianism from Coyote Blog (it’s short, you’ll like it.) 2nd, perhaps in a bit of bad taste, but still funny, The Storm Troopers 9/11 as seen at the Federalist Paupers.


Weekend Tea Party

The Tea Party in DC turned out to be quite a big deal.  Lots of pictures around the web including these. Best sign I’ve seen so far: The only “ist” I am is Pissed


Or, we could just buy a shorter flagpole

In the late 1940’s, if you compared someone to Adolf Hitler, it meant something.  The Holocaust was near, it was in everyone’s living memory.  The name “Hitler” was associated with real, tangible horror.  Even in the sixties when I was in grade school it was real enough that no one made the comparison to Hitler […]


14 days, 22 hours, 44 minutes and 46 seconds

For some reason I feel compelled to share that with you. “That” being the amount of time WinAmp says I can listen to my music collection without repeating anything.  Puts a new perspective on my record collection from the early 80’s. The latest acquisitions are “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini and Booker T’s (yes, that […]

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A visit to the land of the living

Hopefully I’ll be staying a while.  As usual, that’s a bit dramatic. I let myself get run down over the past couple of weeks.  Too much “in-person” ranting irritated my throat.  The irritation got infected and I spent the weekend wishing I could sleep and cringing every time I swallowed.  That and I lost my […]


Crisis Averted

CLOWN CAR GONE! RATMOBILE RETURNS! Still waiting on that multi-million dollar federal bailout.

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