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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

The Halloween Quotefest (and assorted thoughts)

David Harsanyi points out that the King James Bible has just over 600 pages, Newton’s Principa Mathematica has 974 and the newest Health Care Insurance bill has more than 1900.  On the subject of the bill he says: You will, of course, need to be plastered to buy Pelosi’s fantastical proposition that 450,000 words of […]

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“Agrippa, please–“

Iowahawk may be the best humor writer on the planet today.  Period.  Politically incorrect‡, but absolutely brilliant. Apparently Julius Caeser has been watching modern developments and learning modern idomatic english: Anyhow, every since we got wifi at the Pantheon, I’ve been spending a lot more time online checkin’ out the dillyo back in the mortal […]

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Links and

Strange times at the moment, at least here in the Ratlands.  By that, of course, I mean weirder than usual.  However, as Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”  I am a consummate professional. I have a new boss at work.  It should be interesting.  But, in 29 years […]

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Sunday Night

I’m working on an essay that may or may not get done.  It certainly won’t get done tonight, as I am preparing some material for an interview tomorrow.  I haven’t had a job interview since 1989; I’m a little rusty. In the mean time, this and this from Dr. Boli.  I especially like Ampersand Sons, […]

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Stuff I can’t leave alone

I was going to pass on writing tonight, but I just couldn’t leave these alone. Interesting bit about Ayn Rand and how many libertarians aren’t Ayn Rand followers but were introduced to libertarian thought by reading Rand.  (Like the author, I’m one of the exceptions.  I have a copy of Atlas Shrugged I’ve been meaning […]

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Big raise and a bestiary

Big Raise: John Galt has charts and graphs to show that while we’re being told the average wage of hourly workers has steadily risen over the past 9 years, the machinations of the Fed have diluted your buying power so as to produce a net gain of less than 2 cents an hour.  Unlike the […]

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Separation anxiety

I grew up in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  At one time I attended Phillips University, which was, in addition to a regular college, one of the seminaries for the denomination.  (As difficult as it is to imagine now, for those that know me, at one time I intended to become an ordained minister.)  […]

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Helpful advice from Dr. Boli

A simple, affordable treatment for depression.‡ ‡I realize that some people may not think this is funny.  Probably the same people that don’t think my tattoo idea of a dotted line across my wrist labeled “hospital” and a dotted line running up my arm from my wrist labeled “morgue” is funny.


Stuff I found while waiting

Rat Jr. should be home within the next hour or so.  I’ve been catching up on the RSS feeds in the meantime. 1. The Periodic Table of Science Fiction is a collection of very short stories, each of which has some relation to one of the elements of the Periodic Table.  118 short stories, each […]

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More Links

Great photo of a Tea Party sign. Really cool graphic representation of job growth/losses for the top 100 metropolitan statistical areas of the country since 2004. From Dr. Boli, an advertisement for a performance by the Great Blando.  (Any performance for which narcoleptics are “strongly cautioned” has got to be worth a look, right?)

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