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{ Monthly Archives } November 2009

Black Friday

No shopping stampede for us here in the Ratlands.  I may go to the grocery store later (food is good), but as I hate crowds, no bargain in the world is enough to induce me to venture forth to a popular retail emporium today.  That, and most of the stuff that’s on sale today is […]

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A Public Service Announcement from deep in the Heart of the Ratlands

Just in case you had forgotten: see more Lol Celebs And now we resume our regular programming.

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Reason #43 why I’m a 5th rate blogger

Because, unlike TJIC I apparently don’t have a vivid enough imagination: Why is Barney Frank, architect of the housing melt down and current financial crisis, still giving press conferences, when, in a just world, he should be stripped naked, locked up in a cargo container, and eating cold spam out of a dog bowl with […]

The Sunday Night “Drink the Kool-aid” link-fest

According to my mother, my sister and her husband bought a SmartCar.  I don’t know why (although, I am not above some snarky speculation), but I’m sure my nephew will just love driving to school in a used moped-with-a-roof in a few years.  I guess my brother-in-law is driving it to work now.  I’ll be […]

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Some version of the Fox

I was looking at the Ratlands site stats earlier this evening.  Out in the real world, apparently somewhere between 25%-30% of people use a version of Firefox.  In the Ratlands universe, 71% of the people who visited here last week used Firefox.  I’m not sure what that means, but I still think it’s cool.


Speaking of “you’d have to be there”

I am not an advocate of violence for the sake of violence.  I prefer “peace through superior firepower.”  Unfortunately, there are some situations where normal logic and rational thought just don’t apply (no, I am not, in this instance, referring to either major political party). Football (what we Americans refer to as soccer) is one […]


Usul no longer needs the weirding module…

Not a particularly relevant quote I guess. The tech guys in my organization have fixed it so I can have access to my work files from home via the intarwebs. The good news is that I can work at home without copying stuff to a USB drive and bringing it home with me. The bad […]

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The “Friday Night lame excuse for Lack of Original Thought and exercise in random Capitalization” linkfest

I had an altercation with a cat and a box in my kitchen last night.  In attempting to avoid the cat I failed to avoid the box, got my feet tangled up with no place to put them not occupied by the cat or the box and ended up on the floor. It was not […]

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I love flow charts.   I’m not sure why.  Here’s a flow chart of the Beatles tune “Hey Jude.” (via GeekPress) If you liked that (or even if you didn’t) here’s something a bit more complex: character interactions for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the original Star Wars trilogy and others (including 12 Angry Men) […]

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Stream of consciousness linking

There is no consistent thread here, just stuff I found interesting. Q and O has a chart that shows what our tax rates would have to be raised to in order to eliminate the deficit. (That’s just how much more the Feds are currently spending than taking in.  It assumes that nothing stupid like reducing […]

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