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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, December 2009

This just in…

I thought I was done for the night, but this post from Coyote is priceless, as is his postscript, In the language of mathematics (I mentioned before I am in the middle of Goedel-Escher-Bach) if actually aiding someone is “helping,” then I guess organizing people to help is meta helping, and lobbying government to force […]

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The Sunday Night Linkfest

First, a little inspired silliness from Dr. Boli: A letter to the Editor An advertisement for a unique literary service An advertisement for a unique martial arts dojo Second, I was apparently wrong last night about the Obama LSD being deliciously appropriate.  This is deliciously appropriate. Also at Moonbattery, an Economic Stimulus Flow Chart Say […]

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No one owes you, no one’s to blame…*

Odd bits from the last couple of days: The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia (via the Agitator).  Aside from the fact that I have no way of knowing whether they are, in fact, the most interesting, or whether there may be one or two out there which are more interesting but didn’t get included, […]

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