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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, December 2009

Lord Monckton on Climategate

If you’ve got half an hour, it would be worth your time to watch this video.  I find it rather refreshing to hear Lord Monckton labelling the principals of the AGW fraud   the criminals that they are.  And then back up the charges.  I was also tickled by his statement that these individuals “call themselves […]

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Economic opportunities

Do you need to augment your cash flow?  Tired of collecting aluminum cans and other scrap metal?  Tired of picking up coins off the sidewalk?  That second job at McDonalds not everything you had imagined?  The solution to your problem may be at Dr. Boli’s, where there is an advertisement for a new book called […]

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Cost/Benefit Analysis

tjic on whether or not taking drastic measures to stop global warming (and wreck our economy in the process) are worth it: Here’s the consciousness raising exercise I want each of you to do: when you wake up tomorrow, think to yourself “OM*G – what if it was 1.1 ° warmer? Wouldn’t that be horrible? […]

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