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{ Monthly Archives } February 2010

The Day the Dollar Died

John Galt at Shenandoah does a ton of economic analysis.  Some of it is pretty technical, with charts and graphs, referencing technical market trading terms that I, frankly, don’t always follow.  But, if you read it regularly you can pick up a lot of very interesting economic information.  He’s had a number of posts that […]

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The greatest invention since the invention of the invention that was the greatest invention since the invention of inventions (except that it was invented before the invention that was the greatest invention since the invention of inventions)¡

One  of the nice things about the internet is that when you make a statement or take a position that is objectively wrong, any number of helpful individuals will step up, do the right thing, and point out your wrongness.  In the comments to my previous post, such an individual took time out of their […]

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Salvation of Sarcasm, or Sarcastic Salvation, or the greatest invention since the invention of inventions :W

Ponder the veracity of this timeless wisdom: How many times have you written an e-mail or text or instant message where sarcasm is lost on the recipient? Millions? Billions? The result of the interaction is confusing and potentially devastating: awkward silence, non-response, your friend thinks that you’re seriously into some hard drugs.  The permutations of potential […]

Steyn on Diversity

In a post about the Ft. Hood massacre: The fact that a grown man not employed by a U.S. educational institution or media outlet used the word “diversity” in a non-parodic sense should be deeply disturbing. “Diversity” is not a virtue; it’s morally neutral: A group of five white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women is non-diverse; […]

More geekery

If you have no interest in dual-boot installations of Linux, come back tomorrow.  I promise I’ll be on to something else by then. I installed Ubuntu Linux 9.10 on my 2nd hard drive a few days ago.  It’s a pretty easy install.  Either that or I’ve done it enough times that it isn’t quite as […]

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Cleaning out the browser tabs again

The organization I work for is on a major “sustainability” kick.  Generally speaking I don’t have a problem with most of the things they want us to do.  Saving paper, turning off computer monitors at night, and a number of the other “suggestions” they make fall generally into the category of not wasting resources.  If […]

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Discovering the premise was wrong won’t stop us from continuing to try to fix the problem by throwing money at it

“Poverty breeds crime” is one of those simple formulations that seems to be pretty much taken for granted.  Everyone knows it’s true, and it is one of the “givens” that we use, either directly or indirectly as a rationale for a variety of social programs.  Having spent 30 years working in corrections, one would think […]

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Too true

I saw this on a sign company marquee today: Crime doesn’t pay as well as Incumbency.

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Because I’m killing the planet

There’s a woman who lives across the parking lot from me who has one of those little “box-on-wheels, I’m better than you because I’m saving the planet” cars.  I’ve never spoken to her, nor she to me, but when we meet coming or going in the parking lot she always glares up at me. Personally, […]

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Simple Synthesizer

This is really cool.  (And an incredible time waster if you get sucked in.) (via The Agitator)


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