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{ Monthly Archives } March 2010

I need taller trash cans or a shorter dog

And since Kali is a miniature Dachshund… I understand how she can knock over the small trash cans around the house, but the kitchen trash can is much taller.  Of course, it has the best stuff in it.  Personally, I suspect collusion with the cats, but whatever the truth is, it doesn’t really matter, because […]

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What passes for an update

Sometimes I’m just too tired to write.  It seems like I’ve been at that point for weeks.  So, you get 3 unrelated bits tonight. WordPress does a pretty good job of intercepting the comment spam that people try to dump on websites.  But, I still have to get in and delete it en masse.  For […]

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But I still want my flying car…

Did you ever see the movie The Fifth Element?  Remember the scene where they are reconstructing the Fifth Element from a few living cells?  Remember how the machine created various body parts, including the circulatory system, with all of the veins and arteries and such? It is now possible, using stem cells and a 3d […]

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