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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010

Quote of the Day

From Frank J. at IMAO: To those thinking Obama is doing a poor job handling the BP spill, in fairness to him, he hasn’t actually done anything.

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A feeble attempt at getting back in the game

A few links of potential interest: Animated currency route of travel tracking map. Feel like bailing out mismanaged union pension funds? No, me neither, but apparently Congress does. Don’t feel up to going to (or can’t get to) the doctor’s office for that sinus infection you’ve been putting up with for days?  How about an […]

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3 things

3 wildly different links today: Yale has recordings of some of its classes posted online.  Free.  An interesting selection, if you’re interested.  I’m watching the one on Game Theory.  (via Carpe Diem) An bit about an American sniper who set a record for the longest kill shot (8,120 feet as measured by GPS).  Twice!. Third, […]

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