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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010

Saturday Night Snark

Some links for you. Vuvuzela fail. This really isn’t a rhetorical question. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words added are priceless.

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Another Saturday Night

From the “Too Much Information” file:  I started physical therapy last week for a condition called adhesive capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder to those of us without a medical degree).  That’s actually good news, as I suspected (and the preliminary reading of the MRI tentatively confirmed) a torn rotator cuff.  The surgeon decided there was no tear […]

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A few links

It’s almost 1:00 AM, so I can’t talk about these in the depth I’d like, but I thought I’d pass them on anyway. From Carpe Diem: For anyone who has both a) a bit of knowledge about economic realities as opposed to the unicorn farts one usually hears in the MSM, and b) spent any […]

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Another smackdown

As opposed to our Dear Leader who hasn’t bothered to talk to the folks at BP and has not yet learned that talking tough when you have never demonstrated any history of, nor capacity to, nor stomach for following through just makes you look like an impotent, weaselly wuss,  consider for a moment this statement […]

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Neal Reunion

Neal, Kansas is a quintessential “wide spot in the road.”  It sits just south of Highway 54 in eastern Greenwood County.  There is, literally, an extra half a lane on the highway for folks to slow down for the turn into Neal.  The streets are gravel, there are perhaps a dozen houses, but no businesses.  […]

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Yes, they did.

There’s a piece (which I became aware of via Cold Fury) at the Washington Post in which Richard Cohen asks the question “Did Liberals get it wrong on crime?”  His lead paragraph: This is a good news, bad news column. The good news is that crime is again down across the nation — in big […]

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Borrowing Rage

Since I met with the consultant last fall, I’ve made a conscious effort to be a bit more pleasant, a little more positive, a little more upbeat.  Perhaps it was necessary and a good thing (one of the staff told me the other day that he described me to his wife as the “Dr. House” […]

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Anniversary is 4 years old today.  I only know that because I had to pay the hosting and domain registration bill today.  I seriously considered abandoning Ratlands; I haven’t been writing much lately and haven’t cranked out an essay in months.  But, at roughly $10 a month, Ratlands is one of my less expensive vices, […]

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Vacation wrap-up

I’ve been on vacation this past week, although at times it’s been hard to tell.  Mostly it’s been some running around punctuated by periods of near vegetative stupor.  That, and we’ve watched a whole lot of NCIS re-runs. Sunday, the Head Rat and I joined my folks at the Neal Reunion and then visited cemeteries […]

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